The finest in old-school craftsmanship meets the mystery of new-world technology. gūrū is a first generation composite mold making material from Soul Composites that will change the way the industry approaches tooling. gūrū balances creativity and risk, handling the most elaborate and complex situations and adapting to find solutions — always.

Together, let’s craft tools wisely.


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Technical Data

gūrū is a two-part rapid prototyping/tooling material capable of producing high-quality molds in less than 24 hrs.


  • Cost savings up to 50% on comparable tooling applications
  • Dimensionally stable with low exotherm
  • 24-hour tooling solution for prototype molds, light production molds, plugs and trim fixtures


  • Master Molds
  • Splash Molding
  • Infusion Molds
  • Vacuum Forming
  • Rout & Trim Fixtures
  • Tool Repair Modifications

Recommended Accessories


Surface Filler

gūrū Surface Filler is used to both repair and enhance the surface of gūrū tools. Whether you are repairing an extended-use tool or looking for a Class A finish, gūrū Surface Filler will help you get the job done.


gūrū Accelerant speeds up the cure time of the gūrū tooling material. gūrū Accelerant is helpful for vertical or inverted applications, or when time is of the essence.


gūrū Decelerant slows down the cure time of the gūrū tooling material. If you are working with a large surface area, gūrū Decelerant will give fabricators the extra time needed to complete tools without having to stage and mix multiple gūrū kits.


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About Us

Welcome to Soul Composites — a business born from innovation and perpetuated by steadfast craftsmanship. Though our business may be young our technology is time-tested, dating back to the early 2000s. Click below to download our complete history.

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